About backgarden tourism

The blog

This blog has the sole purpose of giving me an excuse to really see and do the city that I moved to just over 6 weeks ago.

When it says ‘tourist’, I don’t mean map-pinned-to nose, snap snap, tripping-around holiday tourism. I mean taking time out to be in a city and live every moment that that brings. Whether that means watching the cat with the chopped off tail on my street scrabble through the recycling boxes or going to a lively folk music night at a local pub serving over 20 different beers.

It is about being inquisitive about where you live – and staying that way. This blog is to help me stay curious and to share what I find out with other people who want to find some fun nooks and crannies in my new hometown which is, Bristol.

579898_10151087334972932_1826542562_nThe writer

Alice is a journalist for an interiors magazine in Bristol. She has just graduated from a journalism masters in London where she thought she would live for the rest of her life. Luckily that didn’t come true. The cider’s better down south.

Follow her tweeting @alicemhancock


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