George Ezra at The Gallimaufry

Gallimaufry (n.)

  1. A confused jumble or medley of things
  2. A hash made from diced or minced meat


The Wednesday before last I paid an impromptu trip to The Gallimaufry on Gloucester Road to see George Ezra play.

There were origami elephants hanging from the ceiling and cartoon children’s-TV-style murals on the walls. Hoop-earring, denim jacket toting hipsters glugged large glasses of house white while balanced on mismatched chairs.

The Gallimaufry is very Bristol. The Bristol of The Foals, CRACK magazine and St Paul’s Carnival. But it is not an intimidating hipster Bristol. It ain’t East London luv. The Gallimaufry crowd is a nice bunch. There simply to have a drink and catch a free gig. I could have been quite happy watching alone at the edge of the crowd – and my hoop earrings only stretch to a very small pair from H&M.

Having come down to The Gallimaufry to see a gig the week before (my lovely friend Rosie P was accompanying her friend Rosie S who in turn was supporting somebody not called Rosie but Mary Spender. All very good.) I’d been a tad disappointed to find that we had one of the few full tables in the place.

George Ezra however – fortunately for him but perhaps unfortunately for us – has had enough Radio One plays to ensure that any free gig he does will be fairly packed. We were squeezed in the middle of the room somewhere between the bar and the big communal tables, trying to work out which songs we knew. You might recognize his lovely track ‘Budapest‘.

Because I am not a music reviewer nor will I pretend to know anything about music apart from what I like, I will only say that he was very good. Sweet, self-deprecating and with a voice that might induce cringing similes with rich coffee roasts.

What I will say is that The Galli (can I call it that? Let me know) is a wholesome venue. Even when it was empty, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. Whatever else it does – I have yet to try the food – this is an interesting-to-be in, buzzy midweek drinkery. Not too pricey and there are cakes on the counter. It equally seems like the kind of place you could hole up for a long evening at the weekend, and if the sound of parsley pig’s head terrine is a tantalising one, the food might be as interesting as the décor.

The definition? Definitely medley rather than hash.

The Gallimaufry, 26/28 The Promenade, Gloucester Road, Bristol.  Pint of Rosie’s Pig Cider £3.50 (as far as I remember…)

Just so you know… Tomorrow night DJ Mikee Cee will be playing a bit of hip-hop and reggae at The Gallimaufry. Sounds like fun!


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