Folk night at The Three Tuns

For a proper British night at the pub, head to The Three Tuns on a Monday.


The Three Tuns in Bristol is exactly the kind of pub you want to visit on a week night. Especially on a Monday. With a semi-covered courtyard (not quite four enclosed walls so a legitimate outside smoking area) and a bar that has enough space for an impromptu 15 or so strong folk band, it is made for good British pub evening.

We were late. Thinking that no respectable evening  starts until at least 9pm, we headed down the hill to Hotwells around 9.30pm. It must be the post-student pre-drink-go-out-later days rubbing off on us.

Whatever it was, when we arrived The Three Tuns was in very full, very round voice, well oiled by numerous pints of craft beers bearing names like ‘Dog Days’ and more questionably, ‘Raging Bitch’ (not named for the effect it has, you will be glad to know, although it was mostly being consumed by men). You can find out more about the beers they serve here. And if you want a sample of the music, there’s a clip of the group playing here.

The boys settled for an American pale ale, the name of which escapes me, while I was ordered some high percentage cider of which the name also escapes me funnily enough. It was the good stuff though, poured from a box on the bar.

Unless you want to sit outside where the music is audible but you’re definitely not involved, finding a seat is nigh on impossible. Luckily this is the kind of real drinkers joint where propping up the bar is acceptable, if not de rigeur. And far more fun. There was spontaneous dancing. We all vaguely mumbled verses to ‘Speed Bonnie Boat’ before joining in the chorus with over-ambitious musical confidence (that was the second pint of x-rated cider). We stamped our feet. We clapped. And, in between songs, we put the world to rights.

Shouldn’t that be what all good pub nights are like?

Folk night at The Three Tuns, St Georges Road, Bristol, BS1 5UR, every Monday from 8.30pm. 07812 201844.


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